Weaver Bungee Strap w/ Ring & Carabiner

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Bungee design easily stretches when you’re using saw, and retracts when hanging close to your saddle or belt

  • 1" wide double box-stitched nylon webbing strap with 3/4" elastic easily adjusts by attaching the ring to a snap on a saddle or belt.
  • Heat-sealed ends help prevent fraying.
  • A half twist in the loop end helps keep equipment hanging straight.
  • Carabiner minimum tensile strength: 1,800 (8kN).
  • Not intended for breakaway.
  • Pertains to strap with Ring & Carabiner only:
    • Equipped with a single locking, double action, cold formed aluminum carabiner at one end. For tool use only. Not for life support applications.

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