Vertix Communication System Crane Operator (Pair)

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ACTIO Intercom is easy to use and easily fits most safety helmets for coordination work at construction sites, for installation & maintenance work (including those in close proximity to high tension wires), warehouse operations, in factories, in search and rescue operations, etc.  It is also useful for conducting briefings or providing training to staff in noisy work environments achieving a higher degree of productivity, safety and professionalism. With its leading-edge, digital Cut-The-Noise™ Technology, users enjoy crystal clear communication with their colleagues working close to industrial noise sources resulting in impoved productivity and coordination.

Unlike walkie talkies, there is no need to "push-to-talk (PTT)" and channel interference is greatly minimised when communicating critical information as ACTIO uses frequency hopping technology.  A key advantage over walkie talkies is that team members working on the project can communicate simultaneously to warn of dangers without waiting for their turn to speak. The voice-activated microphone turns on automatically when you speak while keeping unwanted surrounding sounds and noise out. It is truly handsfree with the Single-Speaker Headset! You can effectively communicate in real-time for a team of 4 members with unmatched performance, better personal and team safety at a very affordable price.   


  • ACTIO Intercom (X2)
  • VERTIX Single-Speaker Headset (X2)
  • VERTIX Elastic Mounting Strap (X2)
  • VERTIX Charging & Data Cable (X2)

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