Teufelberger Crane Kit Designed by Mark Chisholm

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The Crane Kit from TEUFELBERGER is a set of Endura Braid slings. It is suited for rigging applications that have to be carried out by means of a crane.

Each sling consists of a 24 strand 5/8" Endura Braid line and is characterized by low weight, low stretch, and high strength. Endura Braid is perfect for this type of use because of its good knotability and, whenever necessary, its easy knot releasing properties.

The Crane Kit consists of two orange 20ft slings with 12" Eye and one blue 30ft sling with 14" Eye. This color coding ensures clear communication between the climber and the crane operator. 



Rated Load

Vertical: 6,200 lbs

Choker: 4,600 lbs

Basket: 12,500 lbs

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