ISC Apex Rope Wrench

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The NEW ISC APEX is fitted with an adjustable cam, allowing the user to select from multiple clearly identifiable friction settings, in accordance with rope type and diameter.  The spring-loaded cam can be adjusted in under 5 seconds- simply depress the spring-loaded button, swing the side plate open and then pull the spring-loaded cam outwards a short way.  Rotate the cam to select the new setting, release the cam and close the device!  No tools needed and no drop-able parts!

 The NEW ISC APEX is fitted with a swing-open side frame which allows for quick and easy mid-line attachment, even when wearing gloves! The push-button, swing-open side frame has a double-lock closure system for added security and an audible ‘click’ to confirm closure. 

Rope diameter range (mm)11-13 (7/16 - 1/2") with four friction settings
(WLL) Working Load Limit (kg)120
(WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs)264
Serial numbering As standard
Body finish Anodised
Weight (grams)177
Weight (ounces)6.2

Kit Contents:
[1] APEX
[1] Squirrel FLEX Tether

[1] PHLOTICH Pulley (Bearing)
[1] Aluminium HMS Karabiner (Supersafe Triple-lock Gate)

[1] Teufelberger OP 85cm e2e Hitch (10mm)

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