Hannibal Figure

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The special geometry of the HANNIBAL enables various braking levels, making it possible to precisely adjust the abseiling speed.

  • Suitable for single ropes from 8.5–12.0 mm
  • With internal rubber ring to hold the carabiner in place—prevents dangerous cross loading
  • Different braking positions due to horns
  • High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Classic and burly, the Edelrid Hannibal Belay Device's no-moving-parts design is one of the most versatile tools you could add to your collection of canyoneering gear. Use this figure 8 device to practice your crevasse rescue routine or lower into a deep slot canyon over a running waterfall with control thanks to the Hannibal's unique braking horns and rubber ring to hold your carabiner in place to prevent crossloading. The sleek design and light weight makes this piece a no-brainer to bring along because you'd definitely rather be safe than sorry.


    • A canyoneering figure 8 for controlled rappels and rescues
    • Burly design can handle single ropes from 8.5-12mm in diameter
    • Rubber ring holds carabiner in place to prevent cross loading
    • Added horns offer different braking positions for extra control

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