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Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness

The most versatile tree-care harness of all times. Light, comfortable and options are endless.


  • Wide variety of rope bridge configurations
  • Optional SRT BRIDGE specifically designed to work safely and comfortably while on single line.
  • Increase comfort because of
    • Innovative 3D Vent Technology
    • Wide, semi-rigid padding
  • Bridge lateral fasteners can be adjusted with ease to change the "sit" or "hang" position.
  • Number gear attachment possibilities
    • 4 large gear loops
    • Device for suspending a chainsaw
  • TREEREX comes to you ready to work
    • Color coded rope bridges
    • An adjustable rope bridge is supplied in the lateral eyelets with aluminum connecting ring
  • Great safety features:
    • Bridges red core wear indicator tracers
    • Integrated RFID chip

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