CT Quick Roll Hand Ascender

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CT Climbing Technologies QUICK ROLL Hand Rope Clamp Ascender

Innovative ascender handle with integrated pulley. Much more effective and less clumsy than the traditional ascending handles with their additional connector: the working rope runs from the descender over the integrated pulley , thus reducing friction and facilitating the ascent.


  • Cam opening lever usable with one hand, with a single downwards movement (patented);
  • Wear-resistant steel blocking cam, with depressions to avoid the accumulation of dirt and mud and reduce force needed to slide device up the rope in difficult conditions (muddy, iced-up ropes);
  • Two additional attachment points, system to prevent cam inverting and secondary hole for connecting an etrier with a quick link.
  • Great for Open Ascent Event for a quick connect to weight your line.


  • Rope diameter: 10-13 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs

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