Advanced Tree Climbing Workshop by Keith Stoner & Kyle Jacobs

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This 2 day workshop focuses on growing climbers' technical knowledge, understanding, and application of skill navigating the canopy.  Building on strong fundamental concepts of tree biomechanics/physics, gear applications/limitations, as well as body mechanics.  We will practice and demo various and combined SRS and MRS techniques to safely/efficiently approach complex and horizontal climbs


Certified Arborist: 7 credits per day 

Utility Specialist: 7 credits per day 

Municipal Specialist: 7 Credits per day

BCMA(per day)

  • Science: 1 Credit
  • Practice: 4 Credits
  • Management: 2 Credits

TW Climber Specialist: 7 credits per day

TW Aerial Lift Specialist: 7 credits per day

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