3/8" x 150' Endura (Teufelberger) Winch line with thimble and hook

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Endura-12, coated with thimble and hook

MBS: 16,800 LBF

Endura 12 is a 100% HMPE fiber rope characterized by extremely high tensile strength and very low stretch.

Our Endura 12 features extremely low stretch.  As a result, only small amounts of recoil energy will be unleashed should a rope rupture.  This makes this rope also suited for use on forestry winches.

When using Endura 12 across rocks, rough edges, or in extremely abrasive environments, it is important to use a chafe protector.

Our Endura 12 combines the following features:

  • extremely high tensile strength
  • coated to improve abrasion resistance
  • no snapback for improved safety

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