2022 DMM Breast Cancer Awareness Impact Block XS (NOW Available)

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Impact Block XS Pink

Compact, lightweight and highly efficient
- Double security at the anchor bollard -
interlocking bollard features and threaded axle
- Large sheave diameter and efficient bearings
make this block ideal for both everyday rigging
and winch operations (e.g. with capstan
- Hollow axle facilitates configurations beyond
the previous standard
- Hauling loop simplifies hauling, transfer and
- Highly evolved fairleads flairs help maintain
efficiency even in suboptimal set ups
- Serviceable by manufacturer e.g. bearing


WEIGHT:708g  MBS:100kN  WLL:20kN MAX ROPE DIAMETER: 16mm MAX SLING DIAMETER: 20mm DIMENSION (W X H X D):137 x 82 x 55mm  CONFORMANCE       EN12278:2007


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