13mm-optimised Rope Wrench

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The new RP283 Rope Wrench is a specialised device, which has been developed to achieve optimal friction performance on ½” (13mm) rope.
The rope diameter range of the original Rope Wrench (RP280) is 11-13mm (7/16 - 1/2") rope.  Feedback from climbers identified that the friction levels when using the RP280 Wrench on ropes of <13mm, were optimal, but that  moving up to 13mm rope, offered additional friction.  The new 13mm-optimised Rope Wrench has therefore been designed to offer climbers using 13mm rope, levels of friction comparable to that of using 11mm Rope, with the original RP280 Rope Wrench.

Identifiable by its black sheave, the RP283 Rope Wrench has a wider profile, to accommodate a wider sheave groove which is specifically designed to achieve optimal friction performance on 13mm (1/2") diameter rope. 

RP280 & RP283 Rope Wrench models are NOT for Primary Life Support.  The RP283 13mm Rope Wrench is compatible with the range of ISC Tethers, for supply outside of the European Union, only.  As there is no applicable standard, a Tether cannot be CE Certified as an individual component. 

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