Vertix Actio PRO 2nd Generation (per set)

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Overview Powered with VERTIX™ technology, Actio PRO is the second generation of wireless noise-cancelling radios built for those who are on the jobsite day in and day out—serious support for cutting background noise and creating safer, more effective workplaces. Actio PRO is packed with features like increased range, extended battery life, additional users, and more! Features - Powerful Noise Filter - Hands-Free—No “Push to Talk” - Up to 1650 Yds Total Range* - All-Weather Usage - Group Radio Up to 6 Users - Unlimited Use with On-the-Go Power Connection - No Earmuff Modification - Use a Combination of Single-Speaker or Dual-Speaker Headsets
Actio PRO is specifically designed to kill background noise on heavy-industry job sites, including road construction, arbor work, line maintenance and electrical work, disaster relief, search and rescue operations and more! What’s Included - Actio PRO Radio - Actio PRO Elastic Helmet Mount - Actio PRO Single-Speaker OR Dual-Speaker Headset with Waterproof Mic - Actio PRO T-Cable - USB On-the-Go Charging Cable - USB Charging & Data Cable
All Actio PRO products are powered with VERTIX™ technology. 
**Bluetooth to your phone
* Up to 550 yds between 2 users with line of sight. Total range for 6 users in daisy chain is up to 1650 yds.
Not Included - Helmet or Earmuffs

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