Debris Predator

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Years of design, strength testing, and top-quality materials put this heavy-duty push tool in a league of its own. When time and efficiency matter most, Debris Predator can clean up with speed and ease. The Predator’s patented, steel reinforced bracket was designed with durability in mind to effortlessly tackle large debris piles. The UHMW self-lubricating, wide bottom blade can take away heavy debris without scraping, gouging, or scratching the ground surface, leaving behind nothing but happy customers. The durable blade was designed with a specific curvature to manage debris and ability to rotate after wearing down for a fresh cut edge. Available in 2 widths (36", 48"), choose the tool size that best fits your property's demands. Quickly detach the industry standard, durable fiberglass pole and clip into the bracket for easy storage.

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