Clip'n Step Arbpro Climbing Boots

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Technical climbing boots. This model has been designed to answer the request for a lightweight, flexible and ultra grippy arborist boot. It is ideal for footlocking, SRT, pruning and competitions.

The real basic of this project is the brand new Vibram® IBEX sole with MEGAGRIP blend. This revolutionary blend offers excellent grip properties on both wet and dry surfaces while maintaining a high level of durability. Developed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, VIBRAM® Megagrip is suitable for trekking, multisport, as well as all season hiking and travel. It offers an incomparable combination of grip and durability which helps define VIBRAM® Megagrip as the ideal high performance rubber compound for extremely demanding activities. The semi-rigid mid sole offers good combination between support and flexibility.


Clip’n step up consist in an innovative system integrated in these boots.
It is basically a combination of slings built-in and anchored to the upper.
They are crossed in the front part of the boots forming an eye that allows a direct connection of a carabiner. It is no longer necessary to place your foot in the eye of the sling connected to your hand ascender.
IMPORTANT WARNING! This is NOT a Personal Protective Equipment and in no circumstances can it be used for life support!

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