Buckingham Ergovation saddle W / Rope Bridge

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A patented ergonomically designed saddle from Buckingham is full of features to accommodate all climbing styles and motions. Features include:

  •     ERGOVATION saddle has 12 different attachment points, the most of any saddles we offer
  •     Fully modular design for a customized fit
  •     Comfort with Fully padded Drilex back pad to contour the pelvis and support lower back
  •     Closed cell padding can be removed for washing, which improves hygiene
  •     Load distributing design decreases pressure on pelvis
  •     Increased padding in pelvis and hip regions for added comfort

Fully customized waist tensioner and lumbar support gives user improved fit, abdominal stability, and promotes optimal posture when climbing. Be sure to allow for heavy clothing when sizing (fit is important for comfort). In order to obtain an optimum fit, the work positioning dee rings should be positioned slightly forward of the hip bones.

    Rated to 310 lbs.

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