ArborWear RCA Chainsaw Chaps Wrap Around Style

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The new Arborwear RAC Chainsaw Chaps were developed to tackle the issues with traditional chainsaw chaps. With the Patented Daisy Fit™ System, the RAC chaps feature a strap system where straps are Replaceable if broken or lost, Adjustable to various leg sizes and shapes, and Comfortable for all day wear, reducing discomfort and fatigue. All designed in an effort to keep you working longer and safer in the field. Size REGULAR Fits Pant Inseam 30"-32". Size LONG Fits Pant Inseam 34"-36".

Class A
Leg Protection Device For Chainsaw Users In Accordance With The Standard For Leg Protective Device For Chainsaw Users. CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91

Leg Protective Garment In Accordance With ASTM F1897 Standard Specification For Leg Protection For Chainsaw Users (2014). ASTM F1897-2014

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